100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups Week 4

What a wedding it was!
The groom and his brood
Started off in the pub
Just to lighten their mood

Being true his roots
He was wearing a kilt
And was showing the weans
How to dance with a lilt

The bride was a truly
Evocative girlie
Spent an age in the bedroom
And came out all curly

Her dad wiped a tear
When he saw her bright face
As she came down the stairs
In a ripple of lace

As they walked down the aisle
They would all hope and pray
That no untoward mishap
Would ruin their day


7 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups Week 4

  1. Such a lovely piece, I was very tempted to do a wedding theme, the words lend so easily to them. Great use of the prompt!

  2. After my sneak preview of this last night, I've just re-read it and I still love it as much as before. This is a very creative take on the #100wcgu process and I might have to steal this idea myself sometime soon!

  3. I love your use of poetry to structure your response to this week's prompt

  4. Delightful piece that has a lilt of its own. I had to read it out loud to relish the words on my tongue.

  5. Brilliant! It has such a rhythm to it Linda! You are indeed a clever girl to get the words to fit so well!

  6. A fun, sweet look at an important, transitional day! Very nice.

  7. This is lovely – I struggled to believe it was only 100 words, it's so complete. I love the rhyme of 'girlie' and 'curly'.

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