Week 2 – 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups

Losing his job was bad enough, but this led to a host of other terrible events. His wife left, followed swiftly by a solicitor’s letter claiming half of everything. He had no choice but to pack up his goods and leave as the bailiff arrived and reclaimed his home. He sat on one of the boxes outside on the path. Inside one he found the dusty lamp. He rubbed it and saw his reflection, noticing the wrinkles on his face. ‘I wish I could stay just like I was 10 years ago’ he said.
Be careful what you wish for!


5 responses to “Week 2 – 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups

  1. What an interesting twist. Wonderful 100 words.

  2. Ummm! Read this a few times to really understand that ending & what a twist! It makes the reader wonder whether he is sitting like that because of what had happened or that's what he was doing 10 years ago. I love a mystery!! Thank you so much for contributing – its' great to share in your writing. Hope to see yo next week1

  3. I think maybe I'm a little thick, but I like how you drew me in and made me want to understand. This feels like a mystery without an answer. That may just be the constriction of 100 words!

  4. Ah, so he wouldn't get off his backside all those years ago and hence he ended up losing his job, his wife and his possessions for not ever doing anything.Nice one, now sit there and think about it, I wonder if he'll ever figure it out?

  5. Wow that is such a twist, I got a shiver up my spine with that one. Popping in from The Head's Office. V x

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