19.7.11 A new arrival

This morning at 2:48am, our little bundle of joy arrived. Weighing in at 7lbs 10oz,Jack Norman Bolton (Norman after his Grandad Bolton) slipped quietly from his warm cosy place of the last 41 weeks and into a lovely warm bath of water and then to the surface to meet his mummy, daddy and grandma. It was a fantastic experience and so very much different from Samuel’s birth. A lovely environment, dimmed lights, a fantastic midwife who had a great way of soothing everyone and keeping perfect calm in the room and quiet background music courtesy of Burt Bacharach. My daughter soaked in the lovely warm, blue water, using gas and air as necessary but barely making a sound. We all marvelled at his arrival, his first cry and the way he appeared when newborn – beautifully pink, skin like a soft peach and eyes opening to see what a strange new world he had entered. He gazed up into my daughter’s face, suddenly realising that this was the voice he had been hearing for so long. A labour of only two and a half hours left us all in a state of disbelief and wonderment.
We would like to thank the staff at Hartlepool for an amazing experience. Nothing was too much trouble and the attention to detail was superb. This is certainly the way all babies should be born!
The one thing that stunned us all was how much like Samuel Jack looks. Here are two pictures – one of Samuel and one of Jack – each taken on the day they were born. Hard to tell the difference!


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