17.7.11 This week’s 100 word challenge

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She waited a long time for the right man to come along.  Despite constant jibes from her mother about ‘being left on the shelf’ she felt that sooner or later she would meet him.  A shopping trip late at night to her local Tesco, a search for sun-dried tomatoes, a turn into the next aisle and she looked up from her squeaking trolley to find him there.  He was the one.  Why does it always happen that just as something is about to go right, it all goes terribly wrong? She watched as the beautiful young woman approached, took his hand and led him away.

One response to “17.7.11 This week’s 100 word challenge

  1. Oh No! I've had that happen to me I'm sure! All those lost opportunities! This piece has the hallmarks of all those chic flicks! Thank you so much for taking up the challenge and resurrecting your blog!

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